3 Halal Restaurant in Paris, France

One of the most thing Indonesian Tourist when they go to abroad is a food. Especially for those of you are Muslim, halal food is the main requirement that you should pay attention if you want to buy some food.

Usually, muslim tourist who don’t want to be bother when they looking for food, they will change to be Vegetarian. Because, the most of non halal food is meat. That was a concern because any couple things, like: it’s pork or not, how to slaugther appropriate with Islamic law or not, etc.

In this time we will discuss about halal restaurant in Paris, France. Actually so many grocery stores halal food in Paris. This is 3 halal restaurant in Paris:

1. France Halal Food

This shop sells all halal food ingredients, like meat until vegetables. Store location at 121 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France. It’s not in the middle of the city, but this shop is one of the biggest halal food stores in Paris.

2. Hal’ Shop

source : https://www.canvas8.com/content/2010/09/23/hal-shop.html

Hal’ Shop is grocery store of halal food little bit far from downtown. Store location at 104 Rue d’avron, 75020 Paris, France. Even though, this location a little bit far from downtown, this shop is very famous. This shop is open everyday and the service is very friendly. But specifically on Friday there was a long break for Friday prayers. 3.

3. Épicerie libanaise “Les Delices d’Orient”

source : https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/les-d%C3%A9lices-d-orient-paris-4?select=47GvJ8rcMME_Wc-QNPnNIA

From the name it is clearly this shop sells Lebanese food, this shop is more complete than the two shops above. Besides that, location in the middle of Paris also makes this shop crowded. Store location at 52 Avenue Emile Zola, 75015 Paris, France.