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Halal Restaurant you should know in EUROPE

Hasir Schoneberg! The best halal restaurant in Berlin, German.


Hasir Schoneberg is the best Halal restaurant in Europe, which is in Berlin. If you are travelling to German and want to tasting barbeque food, this place is suitable for you. Hasir at 10 Maaßenstraße, Berlin it serves a turkey dishes halal barbeque in Kreuzberg and this restaurant was founded since 1984. So, you don’t need to doubt the taste. The branches also exist in six locations. Curious about the taste? Just prove their halal menu’s.

Wrap It Up! The best halal restaurant in London, England.

wrap it up restourant

This restaurant called Wrap It Up is a franchise restaurant whose branch is at 166 Bishopsgate. In this restaurant you can eat fresh food with high quality.

You will find kind of special menu from another countries, such as mexican within Clubs menu, Buritto, and Fajita Menu in this Restaurant. In another menu such as Turkish Shis Taouk, Greek Three Beans, Indian tandoori Tikka, Portuguese Peri Peri, Jamaican Jerk, and also Lebanese Falafel.

Fly Pizza Kebab! The best halal restaurant in Milan, Italia.


This restaurant serves Italian pizza and they use 100% halal ingredients. The restaurant, which is located on 27 Via Bergamo, they offers American and Italian pizza.

It’s easy to find the location of this restaurant, you should have to come around the Libyan piazzale or close to the Via Cadore Via Bergamo tram stop because the  location right in front of it. It’s easy, right? Just prove it.

Maximus Steakhouse! The best halal restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


For those of you who have just married or brought your partner, try to take this place because this restaurant is very romantic. The restaurant, which is located at 27-29 Max EuwePlein, serves steaks with 100% halal ingredients.

This restaurant one of the biggest place in Amsterdam, so they can accomodate 100 guests at the same time. But, you should reserve first, fear of running out of space when you come.

Osmose & World Grill! The best restaurant in Brussels, Belgia.

osmose & world grill

This restaurant offers french food in belgia and you can find the location at 112 Avenue de Stalingard Brussels, Belgia. Not only offering halal food in this restaurant but friendly service for children and people with disabilities is a separate point for this restaurant.

Interesting right? You can enjoy your food and children can play comfortably.

El Mar-Amor, The Best Halal Restaurants in Europe Existing in Barcelona, ​​Spain


Usually European restaurant serves menu’s in another countries, but in this restaurant it’s different, they offers delicious Tapas and Seafood with spanish spices in halal version. Interesting right? You can visit this restaurant at 4 Carrer de la Jonquera.  

If you have a gadget and confused about the internet connection, take it easy, this restaurant have free wifi connection, so you can enjoy with social media while enjoying your meal at this restaurant.

So, that was short articles about halal restaurant in Europe you should to know. Hopefully it can be your reference when you are on vacation and visiting Europe. And i hope you are can stop by these restaurants with Sakurakita Travel. See you!